Monday, September 30, 2013

Dave & Diane throwing caution to the wind - A tour day of Williamsburg Virginia

From the site: Dave & Diane throwing caution to the wind - A tour day of Williamsburg Virginia

Monday 9/23/13 we woke to another sunny day and decided to get a early start and head into Williamsburg to check out the town. Once there we found a short term parking area and started walking. Not knowing just what we would find we figured the 2 hour parking might work out just fine. Wrong!! A few more shops in downtown Williamsburg A couple of shops in downtown Williamsburg Williamsburg was founded as the capital of the Virginia Colony in 1699. The original capital, Jamestown was the first permanent English-speaking settlement in the New World founded in 1607. Colonial leaders petitioned the Virginia Assembly to relocate the capital from Jamestown to Middle Plantation, five miles inland between the James and the York Rivers. The new city ...Read more...

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Love Your RV! - Swimming with Manatees in Crystal River, Florida

From the site: Love Your RV! - Swimming with Manatees in Crystal River, Florida

Swimming with ManateesDuring our epic one year journey RVing around North America in 2011/2012 we had many awesome experiences but one that really stands out even now is swimming with Manatees in Crystal River, Florida. We had traveled most of Florida’s coastline in a clockwise manner and were headed toward the panhandle. An RVer we met down in the Keys had told us it would be perfect timing to see the Manatees at the warm springs in Crystal River. As luck would have it our Thousand Trails membership provided us with great weekly deals at Encore RV parks and there was a goodie just a few miles away from Manatees! We got weekly rates of $159 at the Crystal Isles RV Resort so booked in for two weeks. After so much time in densely popula ...Read more...

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Curt Manufacturing 16721 10 In 5Th Wheel Lube Plate
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Position: Rear

UM: Each

Warranty One Year Limited
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Uploads by RVgeeks - RVing on the Gulf Coast Ferry System

From the site: Uploads by RVgeeks - RVing on the Gulf Coast Ferry System

RVing on the Gulf Coast Ferry System In ten years of full-time RVing, we'd only taken our motorhome aboard a ferry twice before, on a round-trip sailing from Horseshoe Bay in Vancouver, Canada to Gibsons, on British Columbia's Sunshine Coast. That trip, on a huge 450-foot-long BC Ferries vessel, took about 45 minutes each way and was very expensive for the RV, our tow car and two people. Despite the cost, there was something very cool about having our RV out on the water, and the beauty of the Sunshine Coast during our month-long stay made it well worth the expense. On a recent trip from New Orleans, LA to Galveston Island, TX, both Google Maps and our GPS suggested that we drive inland, along interstate 10. Since we prefer to stay on ...Read more...

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

RV Days with Jessica and Harry - Amazon Update

From the site: RV Days with Jessica and Harry - Amazon Update

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 76, Low 49) At this moment I am sitting in my chair with my feet up feeling very happy that it is our Friday! Three days off coming up. Yay! So, let’s see…where to begin…Well, we have just finished our first round of ten hour days. The first week we had five hour shifts. Then the second week we increased our days by 2.5 hours, and then this week, one more 2.5 hour increment to bring our day to the full shift. One thing I am SO grateful for is that I spent this summer doing training for the run in August, because my legs have held up great. This week I have been walking between 7.5 and 9.5 miles on my shifts each day – and I don’t have one of the walking jobs! Both Harry and ...Read more...

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Trailer Life Magazine - Atlanta Camping World/GoodSam Rally, October 17-20, 2013

From the site: Trailer Life Magazine - Atlanta Camping World/GoodSam Rally, October 17-20, 2013

  Billed as The Greatest RV Rally in the World, the Atlanta Camping World/Good Sam Rally will take place at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, in Hampton, Ga., just 30 miles south of Atlanta proper. • Rally Admission with RV Parking-2 adults dry camping $199. • Rally Admission with RV Parking-2 adults, electrical hookup (30 amp) [...] ...Read more...

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Camco 43733 21" RV Ultimate Squeegee with Handle
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Ray and Cindy's RV Travels - Riverton, Utah September 24, 2013

From the site: Ray and Cindy's RV Travels - Riverton, Utah September 24, 2013

Yesterday I took the trailer tires to Les Schwab's to have metal stems put in in place of the rubber ones that were there. The one I had replaced in Portland made me kind of leary of driving any more with the rubber ones. I had put the 1st one in  the back of the truck, and when I went to put it on, the tire was flat. I pumped up the tire and checked to see where it was leaking, and it was the new stem. I was planning on paying for 3 more stems, but when they got through, they told me that since I had trouble with the original one, the other three were no charge. It is kind of hard to beat that kind of service.I also replaced the wire going through the axle that had been showing short on my brake controller. When I looked at the old wi ...Read more...

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wheeling It - Fall Plans & The Call Of The Mountains…

From the site: Wheeling It - Fall Plans & The Call Of The Mountains…

Can you EVER have too many sunsets? Or too many lighthouse shots? We’re winding down to our very last week here at Cape Blanco. It’s almost impossible to believe. We’ve spent the last 3 months volunteering on the southern Oregon coast and it feels like we’ve grown roots. But such is the nomadic lure that I’m getting the pull to move again. This past weekend we saw our very first glimpse of winter weather with a day of slashing rain and 50 mph winds at the lighthouse (whoo wheeee!). It’s the beginning of the seasonal change. Winds are shifting, cool air is stirring and the mountains are pulling, pulling, pulling…yes, despite our original intentions to drive south via the CA coast this fall, we&rsquo ...Read more...

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CBconcept T10-9SMD-R Red 9 High Power SMD9090 12-volt DC LED T10 Wedge Base Bulb
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Aluminarium - Stuck in Spearfish

From the site: Aluminarium - Stuck in Spearfish

We saw these beautiful hills a couple weeks ago when we were in Jackson, WY. Normally I don’t go back in the photo archives for posts, but yesterday we spent most of our day behind our computers. The tires Brian ordered were supposed to be delivered to Walmart yesterday. He called in the morning and […]The post Stuck in Spearfish appeared first on Aluminarium. ...Read more...

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(more info) - Liberty Lake Regional Park

From the site: - Liberty Lake Regional Park

Since I couldn’t describe it any better than the pro’s… “One of the largest county parks in the State of Washington, Liberty Lake Regional Park altogether contains over 3,000 acres wetlands, lakeshore, montane forest, irrigated turf, conservation areas, and an ORV trails area.  The park provides a designated swimming beach, 200 parking spaces, play equipment, shelters, a BBQ area, […] ...Read more...

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Friday, September 27, 2013

To simplify... - Back in Ouray

From the site: To simplify... - Back in Ouray

It occurs to me that in my last post, I made scant mention of my ascent from the Black Canyon. Not unlike the old joke about shutting up an Italian guy by tying his hands behind his back, it seems I am powerless to tell a story without my trusty camera to lead the way. But let me tell you, it was truly exhausting. Never before have I been so spent than when I finally made it back to the van late in the afternoon, and the ensuing three days have largely been devoted to giving each of my four limbs time to recover. Take note, fellow fans of The Trail – if a challenge is what you seek, swing by the Black Canyon's SOB "trail" and see how you measure up. So with all appendages demanding a serious break, when friends Mark and Bobbie ...Read more...

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AGT 1156 7506 1003 1141 Pair LED SMD 18 LED Bulbs Interior RV Camper Warm White
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Sam&Donna-5th Wheel Vagabonds - BRANSON DAY 3

From the site: Sam&Donna-5th Wheel Vagabonds - BRANSON DAY 3

Hey it’s Donna tonight. My son said Riggs has stopped running all over the house looking for us…now he is in the pouting stage.  Aren’t they funny. Sam mentioned yesterday that we had lunch at College of Ozarks, the college they call Hard Work U. That is right on their sign at the entrance. This plaque is at a small area across from the dining hall. This college was founded in 1905 as a Christian College. The students that attend must work on campus. They raise livestock, milk cows, grow most of their own food for the restaurant, bake all the bread etc. Besides instilling a good work ethic, it pays for their schooling.  They are a nationally ranked college so no one is short changed as far as the quality o ...Read more...

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Living The Dream... - Saturday, August 24, 2013 (Congdon Creek Campground, Kluane Lake, Yukon)

From the site: Living The Dream... - Saturday, August 24, 2013 (Congdon Creek Campground, Kluane Lake, Yukon)

We woke to the pitter-patter of rain on the roof. Steve got up, put on the coffee and turned on the furnace...and then got back into bed where it was warm.  It was a very chilly morning!The clouds were low and it was really socked in.  I am so glad that we were able to get a satellite was the kind of morning where you just wanted to stay inside where it was warm and watch TV.  We eventually decided to do our exercises...have breakfast and get cleaned up.Just before 10:00, Alan, Cec, Rob and Joyce came over to say goodbye. They are going to Skagway and also plan on taking the Stewart-Cassiar highway south, so we may meet up with them again.  After hugs and handshakes, they were t ...Read more...

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Travels - Crater Lake, OR

From the site: My Travels - Crater Lake, OR

(Fort Klamath, OR)  Hi 75 Lo 43The following are some views of Crater Lake.We drove around the whole lake clockwise.Thats the best way to go so you aren't so close theedge.Formed around 7700 yrs ago by the collapse of the volcanoMount Mazama. The lake is the deepest in the U.S. Here is a look at one of two islands and its called Wizard Island.Here's a little friend hoping for a snack.Between the trees and out in the water you can seean island.  It's called the Phantom Ship.  We thoughtit looked more like a castle.Tried to see Mt Shasta but the clouds weren't helping. ...Read more...

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RV Boondocking News - Add a battery to your RV?

From the site: RV Boondocking News - Add a battery to your RV?

With winter coming on, plenty of boondockers are heading south to the warmer climes. Solar power is definitely riding high on the list of questions that folks have. But even if you have a whole "farm" of solar panels on your roof, you've still got to have someplace to bank that power. A big "whatif" is this one: What if there's no more room in my battery compartment for more batteries?Yes, Virginia, you really can stick more batteries in your RV. It's best to keep the add-on battery as close to the originals as possible, or else relocate all of them to the "new" location. Why come? Well, the longer the run of wire to the battery the more the power loss. The battery or batteries closest to the power source--your solar panels for example--wil ...Read more...

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Power Bright 4-AWG3 4 AWG Gauge 3-Foot Professional Series Inverter Cables
4 AWG Gauge 3 Ft Professional Series Battery Cables
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Rambling Vegans - Camping at Kohler-Andrae State Park

From the site: Rambling Vegans - Camping at Kohler-Andrae State Park

We wanted to be close to home for our first time dry camping, so we stayed at Kohler-Andrae State Park on Saturday night.  It’s only three miles from our house, which was perfect.  First, though, we had to go back to the dealership to get Ayla.  We had to drop her off a week ago when we discovered that one of the outlets didn’t work.   Once back home, we packed her up and headed over to the campground.  It’s a very popular park, making it hard to get a reservation there during a lot of the year.  We were lucky enough to get a campsite before they all filled up.  Site 62 isn’t the best site out of them all, but it was pretty decent. Even though we were between two large groups (one ...Read more...

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

um... where the hell are we? - I think the wild life took a vacation

From the site: um... where the hell are we? - I think the wild life took a vacation

No really, it’s been really, and eerily, quite out there the last 4 day’s or so. “Normally” we start hearing the birds at the crack of dawn between 5-6am. Hundreds of them. Now we are hearing a few at most. … Continue reading → ...Read more...

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Gone With The Wynns - Boondocking Tips – the How to and Where to

From the site: Gone With The Wynns - Boondocking Tips â€" the How to and Where to

Boondocking, Off the grid, Off the cord, Dry Camping or Wild Camping (if you’re European) are all names for camping or RV’ing without any hook ups (water, electric or sewer).  Boondocking is probably the most popular term but our personal favorite is Wild Camping, not just because it sounds cool but because it embodies what it is all about…out in the wild, camping. This is the ultimate way to shrink your footprint, disconnect and truly surround yourself with nature.  For us Wild Camping is the ultimate reason to own an RV. Now, I already know what you’re thinking: Is it legal? safe? […] ...Read more...

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Goal Zero 22003 Escape 30M Solar Panel Briefcase
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Kellogg Show - Full Time RV Family – The Best Campgrounds

From the site: Kellogg Show - Full Time RV Family â€" The Best Campgrounds

RV’ing full time with our twelve children is possibly the greatest decision we’ve ever made.   It’s allowed us to capitalize on every second of the short time we have with them and teach them and show them all the things I worried we would never have time for.  Vacations were never really feasible due to finances, and when they were, we chose the beach.  Now, today, our kids get to see the entire country, learn first hand about geography, science, history, government … the list is endless.  We have become inseparable, we are each other’s best friend, we have each others backs on and off the river.  We even have a new family motto: Faith, Family & Fun to keep us focused on the goal ...Read more...

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Keystone 5th Wheel Travel Trailer Fender Skirt FS1705 - Taupe
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

BILL and NANCY - Catch Up Posts!! - Monday - September 23, 2013

From the site: BILL and NANCY - Catch Up Posts!! - Monday - September 23, 2013

Bill and I will be spending the next couple months at or near Huntington Beach SP in Murrells Inlets, SC. We are here to see my mother and other friends. I hope to use my free time to get a bit caught up on our summer travels. Blogging takes more time than I am willing to give it, so I will be posting my photos.That way Bill and I will have a photo album of our travels:o))As I complete a set of photos and publish the post, I list the link below.Click on the title to go to the post!! Tuesday, July 9, 2013Carriage Road Bike Ride 6-9-8-7-E-7-17-16-25-23-15-14-10-8-9-6 Wednesday, July 10, 2013Hiking Cadillac MountainFriday, July 12, 2013 Carriage Road Bike Ride 16-15-10-8-nubbles-7-17-37-36-Day Mtn Summit-38-37-17-16Saturday, July 1 ...Read more...

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Valterra D04-0107 EZ Coupler 15' Extension Hose
Attaches to your primary hose for a quick extension. Comes pre-assembled with an 15' EZ Coupler Drai
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Travel With Whippets - Minooka Park

From the site: Travel With Whippets - Minooka Park

Roger here....  OK.  Five opening photos taken from our campsite.  We must be someplace special.  Where do you think we are?  Florida beach?  Pacific coast?  Lake Tahoe?  Na Pali coast of Kaui (probably not in the motor home).  Nowhere close.  We are in KANSAS!  I intended to make fun of the flat landscape along I-70,  I intended to use a silly connection to the Turtles' song, Windy.  You know the one, "Who's bendin' down to give me a rainbow, everyone knows it's Windy."  Well, we did see a spectacular double rainbow on our last night in Colorado.And, it was a windy drive as you can see by the slanted grass in the photo.  It was also a little scary.  But, a ...Read more...

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CP Products 87049 Awning Tie Down Kit
Camper Specialties Awning Tie-Down Kit protects your awning from wind and rain damage. Heavy-duty 2
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RV Life On Wheels - Another trip in the books...

From the site: RV Life On Wheels - Another trip in the books...

Yes, we are back in Woodstock tonight, after a two day trip up to Orillia and area. We visited my Mom up in Orillia, and helped her out with a few things, one of them being a broken CD/DVD drive. Had to buy a new one for her, turned out having to buy an external USB Drive but it works great! Yes, she is over 90, and continues to use her computer for a whole bunch of different things daily! Why not! No, I don't think my Mom owns a Mom took Judy and I out for lunch at her favourite Restaurant, Swiss Chalet, to celebrate my birthday from last week. We had a great lunch, sitting and talking for a long time! In the afternoon, we headed towards Alliston to visit long time Friends, Pat and John. They have a beautiful Far ...Read more...

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Level-Trek LT80030 RV Interlocking Leveling System
4 pieces of half size leveling block. Product size: 8.5" L x 4.2" W x 1.4" H Nylon black waterproof
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Monday, September 23, 2013 | Videos, tips & information for travelers. - REVIEW: Garmin 2455LMT GPS

From the site: | Videos, tips & information for travelers. - REVIEW: Garmin 2455LMT GPS

If you plan to take a serious RV road trip, a GPS is a “must own” device. We recently bought our second portable GPS unit. Our GPS is a Garmin 2455LMT and after testing it for several weeks, we are pleased with it. Over the past few years, GPS prices have dropped and features have increased. That’s the cool thing about technology – it always gets better and cheaper. The 2455LMT does the trick, with free maps & traffic to boot. (Click the pic for more info.) GPS is now a stable and mature technology, and it has spread to smartphones. These days, many people are turning to smartphone apps to get their GPS fix. We chose this standalone unit instead for a few reasons. We wanted a dedicated GPS unit that’s alway ...Read more...

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Camco 42134 RV Replacement Gutter Spouts with Extensions
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goin' RV Boondocking - Across the Wide Missouri to Malta

From the site: goin' RV Boondocking - Across the Wide Missouri to Malta

We left Hungry Horse bound for Sydney Montana with just under two weeks to get there and no real "plan" on route or stops... just go where it feels right.The first possibility was a short haul to a spot on the southeast border of Glacier... but as we approached that... the little voice just whispered; "Keep Rolling" ... and so I did.We ended up asphalt boondocking at the Great Falls Wally World resort after a few stops for some supplies and a software program I needed to replace so I can get this next Novel published...The next morning found us bound for the Missouri River above Lewistown. There's a BLM camp there on the river right beside hwy 191... it's only real drawback was zero signal...The Missouri is quite a change from the rivers an ...Read more...

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Camco 42148 RV Flying Insect Screen - RS 500
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On the Road of Retirement - Vincennes, Indiana, small town America…

From the site: On the Road of Retirement - Vincennes, Indiana, small town America…

As I was in the motorhome Friday morning making preparation to leave our friends' house in Newton, Illinois, Sharon came in a little red faced to tell me we had a problem.So excited was she at pulling into the driveway when we first arrived she realized now she never turned the key out of the ignition upon our arrival.  We hadn't unhooked the car so the keys went forgotten in the excitement and greetings.  Mike moved his truck over to the car, Sharon found our jumper cables and boom we were back in business.  So we said our goodbyes and pulled out heading east from Newton. Our plan was to stay at a nice park near Bloomington Indiana about an hour and a half down the road.  It had over a hundred spaces and although we ne ...Read more...

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Camco 39072 RV Dual Flush RV Holding Tank Rinser
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Living The Dream... - Friday, August 23, 2013 (Travel to Congdon Creek Campground, Kluane Lake, Yukon)

From the site: Living The Dream... - Friday, August 23, 2013 (Travel to Congdon Creek Campground, Kluane Lake, Yukon)

After a fairly good night's sleep, we were up early and back on the road by 7:20.  It was a cloudy day...About 60 miles (100 kms) down the road, we reached the Canadian border......the Yukon......and a very long stretch of muddy road construction.About 20 miles after crossing the border into Canada, we came to the actual border crossing station.We were going to stop at this rest area...but it doesn't look like there is room for us as it was being used as a landing pad! White River...A float plane taking off from Pickhandle Lake... Donjek River... Duke River...Mines Creek...And...finally...Kluane Lake...We pulled into Congdon Creek Campground at about 2:30.  We stayed here on our way north and really liked it ...Read more...

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Camco 44541 RV Large Stabilizer Jack Pad, (Pack of 2)
Camco's RV Large Stabilizer Jack Pads have a large footprint (14 inches by 12 inches) and help preve
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Gypsy Journal RV Travel Newspaper - Camp 18 And A Geocache

From the site: Gypsy Journal RV Travel Newspaper - Camp 18 And A Geocache

New and wannabe fulltimers sometimes worry that they will be all alone out here on the road, surrounded by strangers. And then they are surprised at how many friends they quickly make and how often they run into them over and over again all over the country. We’ve had several friends visit us since we’ve been here at the Seaside Leisure Time RV Resort. On Sunday Susan Pezzano stopped in to say hello. We met Susan and her hubby Rod at the Hershey RV show a few years ago and they have been subscribers ever since. We saw them last winter at Three Flags Resort in Wildwood, Florida and look forward to seeing them again while we’re here. Yesterday another friend came by, Dan Sheppard. We’ve know Dan and his wife Jenny for ...Read more...

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SHURflo 183-029-11 Cream Wall Mount Pressure Regulator Water Entry
Cream Pressure Reducing City Water Entry exclusive diaphragm design prevents high-pressure damage of
(more info)

Joe and Betty's Adventures - "Doin the Puyallup", Crystal Mountain and the Long Way Home

From the site: Joe and Betty's Adventures - "Doin the Puyallup", Crystal Mountain and the Long Way Home

This was our monthly "get away weekend" and was it ever busy! We left after work for Washington and got to my sisters house close to 10:30 that evening. The last few years, we have breakfast directly across the street from the main entrance to the fair. We are also able to park in the restaurant parking lot, as well as anyone else who is willing to pay the fee. But to not have to walk for blocks late at night and hopefully not look for your car in the dark, it is worth it to us. Over the 60 plus years I have been going to the Western Washington Fair in Puyallup, ( since the 3rd grade)  there have been many changes. But this year, was the most drastic to me.  It is now officially The Washington State Fair, but it will always b ...Read more...

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Peak PKC0RA-01 Wireless Back-Up Camera System With 2.4" LCD Color Monitor
The Peak Wireless 2.4-Inch Back-Up Camera System lets you actually see what is behind you--even if i
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