RV Stories is a page intended to bring stories of people RVing around the country all into one place. Many people share their stories on the internet and hopefully we will post some of the better stories with links to go to their websites.

Some may think, Aren't you just re-posting others' content? I think of it as pointing to others' pages. I don't want to copy the travel diaries of other people, I want to highlight the travels. I read a bunch of blogs of people RVing. I enjoy them.

When looking at the posts, I try and focus on the posts that specifically have to do with travel and RVing. I think there are like minded RV people that get revved up when reading about other people RVing.


  1. Hey - could you please update your links to be to DitchingSuburbia instead of Boyinks4Adventure.com? It's confusing to see new content being attributed to a now dis-used URL. THanks!

  2. I like the idea of highlighting others RV blogs into one place and then we can choose to follow more deeply if we so desire. Would you like to add a Aussie couple who generally travel around 6 months of the year or more. We've been derailed with health issues but are well and truly planing our next adventures with a couple of small trips to whet our appetite before a big trip after Christmas? http://robbiebago.blogspot.com.au

  3. Hi - me again. I need you to not remote-load images from our DitchingSuburbia.com website. By that I mean on the blurbs from our posts that you feature, you are pulling the image live from our site. This is a form of bandwidth-theft. Please either don't use an image at all or grab it from our site and upload it to your own site. The image should also be attributed to us with a caption / alt text. Thanks!

    1. Michael - Thank you for your comment. I will spend some time removing links to your web properties. I don't want to cause conflict. Have a good day.