Saturday, November 14, 2015

OUR NEWELL ADVENTURE - What we wanted.....

From the site: OUR NEWELL ADVENTURE - What we wanted.....

It's been a while since we could just sit outside sipping a cup of coffee enjoying the local ambiance, and the sun on our faces......when we began our journey south from Spokane we didn't expect to be able t do it every day, but we did expect to be able to it a couple times a week.....that's what we get for having expectations.  The weather has not cooperated even a little.  It has been consistently cold, windy, cloudy, rainy and snowy.  Usually one expects, reasonably, that the further south one travels the odds of encountering warmer weather increase with each only took 970 of those miles to find warmer weather.....right here in Bishop, CA.Sunrise Sunday brought us clear blue skies, temperatures rising to the m ...Read more...

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Camco 42243 De-Flapper Max Replacement Strap - Pack of 2
Camco RV Replacement straps for Max De-Flapper. Works with the Camco Max De-Flapper (part # 42251).
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Box Canyon Blog .com - Many Options On The "Many Pools" Hike

From the site: Box Canyon Blog .com - Many Options On The "Many Pools" Hike

The hike up Many Pool's canyon(s) can be as easy or hard as you feel like making it. But one thing is for sure, it is a slap-in-the-face gorgeous trek.I could see myself doing a cannonball into a couple of the deeper pools if the water was just a wee little bit warmer… say like in September or early October. We caught Maples wrapped in their full glory this year, instead of half naked. I don't know why Colorado doesn't have Maples. Why would they stop at the state line. Same with Manzanita, with its lovely bleeding red bark. And while I'm asking questions for which there seem to be no answers, why do some people love to surround themselves in red rocks?We spooked a Big Horn Sheep ram with a nice set of horns in one canyon.Chris ...Read more...

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LED Convenience Courtesy Light - 3 Cool White LEDs - Waterproof, Compact 12vdc Fixture Truck, Auto,
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Travel with Kevin and Ruth - We've had enough of city life...

From the site: Travel with Kevin and Ruth - We've had enough of city life...

When we woke up yesterday morning, the sun was shining. We were trying to decide between a walk up the road into the hills behind the hostel, or a walk into downtown to see the cathedral. I checked google maps, and the road up into the hills only goes for 2 kms (1.3 miles) so we decided to head into the city.Pereira is a modern looking city of about 380,000 people. Not a lot to do here in the city itself, and it's certainly not on the radar for most visitors to Colombia.Click here to read more... ...Read more...

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Innovative Lighting 011-5500-7 White LED Livewell Light
LED Bulkhead/Livewell Light with 2 White LEDs operates 9-16 volt DC systems. Rated at 100,000 hours
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NANCY'S CHRONICLE - Mesa, AZ - Trail Creep

From the site: NANCY'S CHRONICLE - Mesa, AZ - Trail Creep

Ever heard of Mission Creep? I’m sure you have. You know, when you start out by saying that you’re going to go out for dinner and then add going out for an ice cream afterwards. You start with one thing and then add another and another until the day is full. Well, today we found ourselves with a bit of ‘Trail Creep.’ Actually it was a deliberate plan: one of the trails we wanted to hike was fairly short so we knew we would have some day left at the end of it and added another trail, which was on the way to the first one. Actually we had planned this the night before. And, even after we slept on it, we still decided it was the plan we wanted. First was a stop for donuts at the local Fry’s. Our favorite donut sho ...Read more...

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Camco 22843 35' Premium RV Freshwater Drinking Water Hose
Camco's 35 feet premium drinking water hose is a heavy-duty reinforced 5/8 inch inside diameter hose
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ROAMING FREE 2010 - Back in Georgia already??!! I thought we had enough of this state!

From the site: ROAMING FREE 2010 - Back in Georgia already??!! I thought we had enough of this state!

We weren't really sure where we were going to go when we left Charleston, but we knew we didn't want to venture too far, because we wanted Nicolas to be able to spend Thanksgiving with us without having to drive too far, and we knew we'd be coming back to Charleston in mid-December for his Power School graduation.  Tom started to fill out a volunteer application for Georgia State Parks, but there weren't any coastal parks with openings for November and December, so he never finished it.On our way to Kentucky, though, we got a call from Ft. Morris State Park, just about 20 miles south of Savannah, and they had a cancellation for November and December.  So, we quickly finished the application, submitted background checks, and made p ...Read more...

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Gel-Gloss RV CW-16 Cleaner and Wax - 16 oz.
This is a 3 dimensional product that cleans, seals, and shines the vehicle in a single application.
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Our Awesome Travels - Southwest Bacon Fest Albuquerque, Bacon, Beer and Blues at the sunny Balloon Fiesta Park

From the site: Our Awesome Travels - Southwest Bacon Fest Albuquerque, Bacon, Beer and Blues at the sunny Balloon Fiesta Park

Where are we today ? Hidden Valley Rv Park Tijeras New Mexico        Up early again and very cold outside 19f glad we disconnected our water hose. When I went to go on our Verizon internet MIFI I found it was not working! So waited for Suzie to get up  and she called Verizon. Apparently they have made some changes so we will be down for a day or so. Not a big problem, just an inconvenience, we have free wifi here in the park but just cannot get it from our coach anymore there is a few more rv's between us and the clubhouse. So down there I went check out a few things and back home.           About 8 am made a quick trip to Walmart in Edgewood to pic up a few things and spotted these ...Read more...

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Nature Power 40158 18-Watt Solar Powered 12-Volt Battery Charger Kit with 8-Amp Charge Controller
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The Fit RV - Best Dessert Soufflé Ever & It’s Made of Carrots!!!

From the site: The Fit RV - Best Dessert Soufflé Ever & It’s Made of Carrots!!!

James and I have a huge space in our backyard reserved for my garden. Man oh man, I was the gardening QUEEN back there, even though James would probably tell you I was more like the gardening tornado. Spring fever would hit hard and I’d go wild buying up seeds, ordering weird things, just itching to get my hands in the soil. James would shake his head and point out my overzealousness. Mr. Fuddy Duddy: “Did you seriously just plant 10 cucumber seedlings? You realize you’ll have about 50 to pick a day. For just the 2 of us.” Me: “Hey, they’re all different varieties! We can see what we like best!” I’d grow anything and everything. I even have a giant canning room in the basement for all the baz ...Read more...

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Fleetwood 5th Wheel Travel Trailer Fender Skirt FS745
69 5/8" x 11 1/2" - Tandem axle fender skirt. Constructed of durable high-impact ABS plastic. The le
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goldenshoe RV trip - Blue Angels homecoming 2015

From the site: goldenshoe RV trip - Blue Angels homecoming 2015

Yesterday, an air show at the Pensacola Naval Air Station welcomed the Blue Angels home, marking the end of this year air show season.  We headed over to the base early with the motorhome and found a parking spot just a short walk to the flight line.  This allowed us to go back and forth to the motorhome for food, A/C and a clean bathroom.There was a full day of static displays and  flight demonstrations with a well known civilian aerobatic teams. There were some amazing nighttime aerobatic demonstrations with streaming fire tails and fireworks being shot out from the belly of the planes, but unfortunately pictures were not an option in the dark. The day ended with a professional fireworks display which was among the longest ...Read more...

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Pro Series 30095 Fifth Wheel Rail and Installation Kit
Reese part # 30095 is a rail kit designed for use with a fifth wheel hitch. This 5th wheel rail kit
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Take To The Highway - Making Hay While the Sun Shines

From the site: Take To The Highway - Making Hay While the Sun Shines

Now back in the shadow of Zion National Park, I have to say, it feels good to be back.    As I have moved at a fast clip through Southern Colorado, down the Green River, and across the southern state of … Continue reading → ...Read more...

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Valley 30137 Fifth Wheel and Gooseneck Wire Harness
Hitch Accessories: various models; Wiring Connector; gooseneck fifth wheel hitch
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