Tuesday, November 3, 2015

- Little-Known Southern California Destinations

From the site: - Little-Known Southern California Destinations

Red Rock Canyon SP At 163,694.74 square miles, California is the third largest US state. And I’ll bet you haven’t seen it all. So here’s a handful of locations in populous Southern California that you may have missed—most of them only a day trip away from a Good Sam campground. Add your great/unusual/hidden California locations to the comments.   Red Rock Canyon SP The ground shook as if by a giant hand and the earth fractured, the surface thrust upward, and then it rained. Torrents of water poured off the uplifted sandstone cliffs, carving gorges in the softer rock. Blowing sand and rain buffeted the cliffs for millions of years, hewing Red Rock Canyon from an otherwise flat, seamless desert to a monumen ...Read more...

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