Sunday, November 1, 2015

camp1899 - bear tooth / chief joseph / bighorns

From the site: camp1899 - bear tooth / chief joseph / bighorns

here’s some pretty pictures and a funny story for your monday! from montana our plans were to drive across northern wyoming en route to south dakota and to drive bear tooth pass along the way. i google mapped the pass at least three times and only one way was shown, not having reason (before this) to doubt it, off we went. well, turns out it took us past the entrance we were practically on top of to the complete other end so if we wanted to drive it we would have to drive back the direction we just came from and then double back along a different route to keep going where we were headed in the first place. oof. it’s one of those things where you’re right there so you do it. and we did (yes, it was a long day). on ...Read more...

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