Saturday, November 14, 2015

NANCY'S CHRONICLE - Mesa, AZ - Trail Creep

From the site: NANCY'S CHRONICLE - Mesa, AZ - Trail Creep

Ever heard of Mission Creep? I’m sure you have. You know, when you start out by saying that you’re going to go out for dinner and then add going out for an ice cream afterwards. You start with one thing and then add another and another until the day is full. Well, today we found ourselves with a bit of ‘Trail Creep.’ Actually it was a deliberate plan: one of the trails we wanted to hike was fairly short so we knew we would have some day left at the end of it and added another trail, which was on the way to the first one. Actually we had planned this the night before. And, even after we slept on it, we still decided it was the plan we wanted. First was a stop for donuts at the local Fry’s. Our favorite donut sho ...Read more...

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