Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Life's Little Adventures - Odds and Ends

From the site: Life's Little Adventures - Odds and Ends

  Not much exciting going on in our world. We’ve been riding our bikes most days on the many trails here at McDowell Mountain Park, but we’ve thrown in a couple hikes for variety. The lovely Bluff Trail. We joined about 25 people for the full moon ranger-led fitness hike on Tuesday evening on the 4.5 mile Scenic Trail. Clouds rolled in that afternoon so it turned out to be a full flashlight hike instead. Still a good workout and met some nice people. On a clear evening we should have seen the sun set and the moon rise over the mountains as we climbed up the ridge. This was as good as it got. If the hike had just been scheduled for Monday it would have been perfect. We’ve been slowly getting things cleaned up, bu ...Read more...

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