Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Box Canyon Blog .com - Risk, Home, and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

From the site: Box Canyon Blog .com - Risk, Home, and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

For me, it's never been what I do so much as where. I'm not sure where that philosophy came from (my light-footed parents?) but I'm thankful for the leeway it brought to my life. It allowed me to set a course to unpopulated and oppositional places, where lowly deserts rub elbows with high mountains, and a life that suits my restless G-nome. If "home" is where the heart is, I'm there, 24-7-365. However, and I don't say this lightly, there are places in Utah that, in season, feel as much or more like "home" than Lovely Ouray. Same with Arizona. When a guy's "leash" is long, and he's not married to Ms "Career," he has freedom to indulge the tiptop and most motivating of Maslow's pyramidal Hierarchy of Needs, "self ...Read more...

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  1. I believe we are born innocent and in tune with our intuition, the inner voice to guide us and know right from wrong. We can guide or divide, it's a two edged sword. Trying to force our individual morals on our children only deprives them of owning their own experience. We can only guide them which I have done by power of example; my daughter was forcefully adopted by religious fundamentalist grandparents who believed we were too young to parent. This act was the catalyst that divided both parents on a downward spiral, self destructive path of drug addiction reaching incomprehensible depths of demoralization. I spent many years in and out of prisons, hospitals and all the misery encompassed with addiction. I was reunited with my daughter when she turned eighteen. I have been clean almost twenty years due to that experience and as a result have five grandchildren who do not drink or smoke "anything". So I believe in the principle of don't tell me; show me. Some of my friends have also been inspired by the way I live and are joining the RV Community. Live Free In You're RV.
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